Kit List

Items that your child will need to bring with them to Phoenix Kindergarten: 

  • Slippers – essential for feeling comfortable in play
  • Wellies (with a lining are good in winter)
  • Waterproofs suitable for both cold and hot temperatures
  • Warm outdoor clothing, waterproof gloves, hats, welly socks, thick
  • Waterproofs for winter weather
  • A thermal layer in cold weather (merino wool is recommended as it traps the heat better than any other fabric)
  • A fleece layer in cold weather
  • Sun hats and sun cream in hot weather
  • Spare clothing – at least 1 spare outfit suitable for the weather, and a couple of pairs of pants and socks
  • Cloth bags/reusable shopping bags for dirty clothing – we will not have any plastic bags available

We have plenty of spare outdoor kit available and we will be adopting a pass it on/recycling scheme to encourage our community to be more sustainable.