Resources and Further Information

Steiner Waldorf Education

  • ‘Free To Learn’ By Lynne Oldfield
  • ‘Understanding The Steiner Waldorf Approach’ By Janni Nicol and Jill Taplin
  • ‘Ready To Learn’ By Martyn Rewson and Michael Rose
  • ‘Waldorf Education’ By Christopher Clouder and Martyn Rewson
  • ‘The Education Of The Child’ By Rudolf Steiner

Early Childhood 

  • ‘You Are Your Childs First Teacher’ By Rahma Baldwin
  • ‘Work And Play In Early Childhood’ By Freya Jafke
  • ‘Phases Of Childhood’ By Bernard Lievegood
  • ‘The Childs Changing Consciousness’ By Rudolf Steiner
  • ‘The Genius Of Play’ By Sally Jenkinson
  • ‘A Guide To Child Health’ By Michaela Gloeckler

Festivals and Activities

  • ‘Festivals, Family and Food’ By D.Carey and J.Large
  • ‘All Year Round’ By A.Drujtt, C.Fynes/Clinton, M.Rowling
  • ‘Toy Making With Children’ By Freya Jafke
  • ‘Story Telling With Children’ By N.Mellon

Useful Links