Snacks of the Week

Our meal times are a special time of day. We take care to set the table, wash our hands, and sing a blessing before we begin. This routine helps children to enjoy the experience of meal times, have a sense of community and grow an awareness of thankfulness and appreciation for the food that we have. When we have finished, we say a short thank you verse before helping to clear our plates away.

Here is the blessing and thank you verse which you may want to use at home:


A blessing on the blossom, 
A blessing on the root,
A blessing on the leaf and stem,
A blessing on the fruit,
And a blessing on the meal,
May the meal be blessed.

Thank you verse

Thank you for the food we eat, 
Thank you for the friends we meet,
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you, Earth, for everything.


Hot rice with honey or tamari


Vegetable soup (prepared by the children themselves)


Millet or couscous with vegetables


Porridge oats with jam, honey or a savoury option.

We will be using quality organic ingredients as much as possible

Once every half term children who do not attend on a Tuesday will be able to make vegetable soup on an alternative day.