Hi everyone,

The Phoenix kindergarten CIC team would like to update you on our progress to date. After a year of setbacks and hurdles (not to mention a global pandemic), there have been times when we thought we wouldn’t get our project off the ground.
However, we have continued to work hard on the site when allowed and behind the scenes and are now at a point when we can actually be optimistic that we will be operational in the not too distant future.
Alongside maintaining the site as we move into spring, one of our priorities is to put up our secure perimeter fence and plumb in a tap for fresh water (we actually started this process today). We have been given the go ahead by the new owners of the MHS site to make use of the kindergarten fencing.
We are looking for people who would like to join our committee and could contribute in any way : for example to provide additional help with the work on site (socially distanced and adhering to guidance on voluntary groups) and any strategic expertise that might be available in terms of setting up and running a business. Can you help? Want to get involved? Contact us on here or email ;